Most TV Stations and Media Outlets have Keynote Individuals who represent their Mission Statement of Ideals… We Are Creative People who will be featuring many Healin Artz Presenters. Stay Tuned & Enjoy! Email:wacptv.bz@gmail.com

Hassan Artiste Raheem, Artiste, Author, Founder and Producer of over 500 Videos on YouTube and counting. “My greatest desire, interest and new age opportunity is to help Belizeans to Market Healin Artz Products, Healin Sites and Healin Information Globally like Amazon does Books”. See some of our Top Healin Artz Presenters…

Agri-Culinary Ambassador ZaZa L.Ahmad visited Belize 1st in 2013. A Master Gardener, She was the pioneer who started documenting the Belize experience as you will see some of her vidAeos edited and produced by Hassan at this link. Email: z.ahmad43@gmail.com   

Hector Villamil – Emagineer Builder                 Owner and developer of several properties in the Corozal District. Hector’s Garden Resort is on 15 Mayan Style acres in Xaibe Village while the proposed 1-Love Eco Village is located on 100 acres is Santa Rosa (1 mile from Mexico.

Bredda David Obi                                              From the Culture Capital of Belize, Dangriga is known for it AfroBeats, Cultural Heritage and the Garifuna Settlement Community. Bro David has been a leading citizen and activist throughout Belize for over 50 years. WATCH!                 

Professor William Lambert is a WebBuilder.  He made the 1st  WACP.COM website back in 1995. The base of this site was also created by him in 2021.  Watch his Video Series “P’s of Business at this Link. Email: wlambert7@gmail.com

Nelajah – Mama Rootz is not a  new comer to WACPtv and have been around sharing her artistic know-how in US and 6 countries in Africa since 2010… A Life Healin & Wellness Coach. VIDEOS Email:: marootzheal@gmail.com

Reggie’s Herbs & Teas has been Healin from Belize City for more than 15 years. He has an assortment of Healin products to cure many of your ailments. Reggie’s Natural Bush Formulas has testimonies. Videos: : Email: hreginaldht68@gmail.com

Healin Spree – Leo Hall is a Natural Bushman and a Healer of many with much knowledge and Info to share. Watch some of his Videos at this Link. 

Emerson Guild…  has been on the frontline of African Redemption exercises for the last 40 years.UNIA, CABO/ ONECA  bringing together Afro descendants (members) of all Central American countries and the Central African diaspora in North America. Did the on the ground research in Central America including Belize to create a regional master plan for African redemption.  This work resulted in the Garvey Chaturyer Initiative with a strategy for education, leadership and entrepreneurial skills to facilitate and conduct social, cultural, economic food and health sovereignty and processes to export our African redemption exercise. 

Sandy’s Serenity Salon Talks                       Sandy Vaccaro is the Conscious Cosmetologist that do more than Hair, Nails and Make-up. She is a natural Life Coach who speak truth to power every chance she is given. Now you too can be inspired by her profound Love and Knowledge.  

  Youth-No-Ledge – Calvin Johnson                                             Be inspired and gain knowledge from some of Belize brightest and most informed youth. Real talk about real issues effecting the future of this beloved country of Belize.   Email: cj7blacks@gmail.com


   Marlon X Miller (Big Brother)                          I’m my Brother’s Keeper/ Youth Activist and Advocate as an Afro-Belizean working with Youth under age 15 so as to instill great manors, skill sets, purpose and respect for their history and heritage from his base in Mahogany Hts.Village. Marlon travels throughout Villages organizing & motivating our underserved youth to stop the killing and ad positivity to their lives..Email: bigbrothervision18@gmail.com