Every challenge has a reason or a cause behind it. Our main reasoning is to BRING Forward THE HIDDEN IN PLANE SIGHT knowledge on Conscious Content Youtube. While social media allow anyone access to post almost anything,.. The bulk of TikTok, Facebook, X and YouTube has turned Sexy or non sense jokes … not suitable for moral progress. So we have hand picked some of THE BEST & MOST POSITIVE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE.added them to our categorized volume curriculum so . Now it’s up to YOU the Affiliate Member to give a short version of  what you gained from a particular video or a shout out to 12.0 Curriculum.concept overall.  

  1. Open and watch videos within your chose category. You will begin to experience the time consuming works by numerous content provider’s total experience with 12.0 as you probably would never get to see on your own … HIDDEN IN PLANE SIGHT.
  2. Using your camera/phone, make a selfie short video. Your own story about one particular video or the total experience with 12.0.
  3. Give thanks to having been introduced to 12.0 and recommend it others by simply clicking your affiliate link contained within your video.
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  5. YOUR VIDEO: Can tell you own personal story about how you cam across 12.0 and how it has increased your…  Keep it short under 3-5 min. You may include your family, friends or pets to make your video interesting and unique. Remember, the object is to get people to watch, like and click the link to join also. If you watch TikTok or Facebook shorts, they are good examples only much more fresh. clean and about knowledge gaining.