100 Acre Eco Village Project

“There is nothing more Powerful in the world than                         an IDEA whose Time Has Come!”                          1LOVE eco VILLAGE inna Belize…

A 5-min ride down this road is the Hondo River.                        The other side of Rio Hondo is Mexico.                                       Just  Imagine being a part of developing 100 acres                 of land with multiple water streams on its landscape      hidden in an untouched jungle paradise right here.                  The Owner “Hector Villamil” is open to multiple                      collaborators and imagineers to assist in the natural              use, finance and development of this promised land.
Standing in the center of the property is the owner Hector Villamil who have this to say... " Yes I have clear title to this Eco Paradise but I will not sell it. Instead, I will SHARE/CONTRACT with a variety of Like Minded individuals."
HECTOR VILLAMIL stands in the center of 100 acres that he hold a clear title to. This is what he said when ask if he would sell portions… ” I have too much love for this land to sell it. So I have decided to make Custom Contracts with multiple entities (INDIVIDUALS) who may have interest in this project.” POTENTIALS LIST: Who, What and Why Interests
THE RIO HONDO Separating Belize from Mexico

While Hector Villimil is the Owner and Developer of this New 100 acre Eco Village Project, He has also developed several other projects in Belize. The above video shows one project he completed.

CONTACT: Hassan Artiste Raheem  Whatsapp cell: 501 637-9298 wacptv.bz@gmail.com  Projects Promotions Director. US/Belize Dual Resident since 2015 / Business Relationship with Owner since 2016 & Reside on his property presently…


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