What is an eco village?

The perception of living in a more environmentally focused dynamic has been gaining momentum since the start of the pandemic, Living in or vacationing in an Eco Village has spiked in interest says Global Impact in 2022.                  1Love Eco Village is involved in the development of a luxury INN/Meeting Space/ Amphitheater with 30 Cabanas spread throughout.  A luxury resort with sustainability embedded in every project. It begins with the architecture based on passive Mayan design sustainable materials, carries through to land preservation.

Mr. Villamil said that Only 20 per cent of the property will be built on, with features to include rainwater collection systems, natural heating and cooling designs, solar chimneys, ponds and natural materials throughout. Catering to a wholistic lifestyle, the village will also have Botanic Gardens, a Yoga/Meditation & Healing Center, Medical Clinic, Self Help Action INNstitute, Restaurants, Swimming Pools, Walking Trails, Water Slide, Hammocks, Food Gardens, Natural Product Manufactory and you name it added.

Millions of pre-mature illnesses, Diseases and Deaths are cause by unhealthy lifestyles… THE HURT!
Too many people lack the knowledge of how to survive and get an education that will sustain them without paying thousand$ in Tuition and books… THE NEED!
THE SOLUTION: 1Love Eco Village is interested in the following entities and individuals to share-contract with:
1. A small manufacturing company with natural products but needing a place to operate from.
2. A Farmer Gardener who grow organic herbs and food that’s looking for space to grow with its own watering system.
3. On-the Job-Trainees (age14-24) to work within the 12 Category EmPower Teams that furnish every operation.
4. Professional Teacher Facilitators to head each of the 12 Category EmPower Teams.