Self Help Action INNstitute

The Mission of SHAI (Self Help Action INNstitute) is to find a problem and solve it, find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it. Teaching (on-the-job-training) creating jobs and opportunities via building an INNstitute that provide products, service and information under 12 Categories, Courses or Power Teams. We Are Creative People capable of creating a new age way to Train Students without charging tuition or teaching any particular religion.

Superior Skills, Work Ethics, Customer Service, Code of Conduct, Honesty and Spirituality is the guiding Qualities of Operation for Students and Staff not a particular political party affiliation. 30 second INNstitute information

IMAGINE a Resort Inn and Cabanas built, decorated and operated by student trainees receiving (ON-DE-JOB-TRAINING) checks instead of unusable credits from a university charging thousand$ in tuition, books and other fees for a paper diploma to go look for a job.  Youth will have the opportunity to get a head start on their new-learned careers.

The WACPtv Self Help Action Institute is on the               campus of UNIvillage along with                                      the UNIVinn & cabanas

WACPtv.Bz is the inhouse and outreach documentation group working with all 12 Power Teams to keep Members and Stakeholders up-to-date, informed and entertained. Recorded Transparency is key to trust and trust is how we grow as a prototype blueprint immolate.

It takes a village to build and maintain an INNstiution while it takes and Institution to Build and Operate an ECO Village… Two Main Pillows of Self Help Action managed by the 12 Power Teams


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UPGRADE 2023: The 1st Campus is within the 1Love Eco Village located Santa Rosa, Corozal District. 7.7 miles from downtown Corozal off of the Northern Hwy. Sitting on the west side of the Rio Hondo River. Mexico is on the East side of the river. the Area is densely populated with large acres of sugar cane farming. Infrastructure is a wide unpaved road. Dress Code does applies to Students and Staff not Customers and Guest.