“YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE” Our objective is to create a SUSTAINABLE New-Age health, wealth and empowerment-building education curriculum for the online masses.`

Greetings, you have found the hidden chamber of a revolutionary challenge of a lifetime. We Are Creative People behind the IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME… The upgrading and repair of an outdated education system which is too costly and overrated in the age of YouTube (the new-age classroom). We offer FREE curriculum courses in 12 different (Youtube Video) Categories.

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      1. Q&A                                            1. Q. What is the meaning of WACPtv-12.0A. Race and Religions have been the culprits of confusion that have kept people divided, poor and fearful of each other for centuries. WACP stands for We Are Creative People Training Vision. A Classified Creative Resource of Training Videos in 12 major categories…  A Collective Conscious Rewards Tracker‘… a New-Age System that Rewards Conscious YouTube Content Providers. While providing a way to Raise Funds & Consciousness, WACPtv-12.0 will forge into existence a new thriving family industry. (Example: Hip Hop 50 yrs ago – $15B Industry) Each and every participating Affiliate added by referral receive $100. unlimited. Creating a Self Help Action Family of Conscious Community. WACPtv_12.0 represent the 12 unique categories from YouTube’s Selected content that best tell the true story and help to guide us to ‘Soulutions as Family.
  5. 2. Q. Does every video deal with race A. NO. There are presenters from every ethnicity and subjects dealing with Real Estate to Arts & Crafts and Finance to Communications, Fashions and Engineering. 3. Q. Why are some people opposed to the teaching of CRT? A. Because some people are uncomfortable with the truth of the past history and the part their ancestors played in it. They are shame to hear the true history and have it taught to their children not withstanding that this day has come and is essential for the growth and sustainability of world progress. Stand with truth over lies and discerption. Stand with Peace over Wars and stand with good over evil. 
  6. 4. Q.  If the Course is FREE, why are people willing to invest $197. for the same courses. A. The investment to go to college is $25,000. or more while there is no guarantee on a return. Whereas the $197. is an investment that start paying as-soon-as you go through the simple steps of becoming an Affiliate Marketer referring others at $100. each referral ROI. The Courses are used as the Product while Building a New-Age industry is the goal. An Industry that help to finance Good people, places and things to improve life on earth. A creation of immediate Cash flow instead of waiting 4 or more years hoping to get paid. 5. Q. So how do do you get paid? A. Click this link for the complete answer.